About us

Innobasque is special actor in the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, advising the Basque Government on the design, implementation and development of new innovation policies. We are a private non-profit association for the public interest, comprising more than 1000 member organisations.

We have built a powerful collaborative network, a public-private alliance forged with companies, institutions, scientific and technological actors, and members of society. Together with them, we want to develop the project of a generation in order to build the better future we long for in Euskadi.

We focus on innovation, which is:

  • The driving force of a social and economic transformation leading to sustainability in Euskadi.
  • A multi-layered concept that is the key to facing Euskadi’s social, economic and environmental challenges.
  • A value we create together, collaboratively, working to create new social relations and cooperation models that permeate and transform society at large.

Innobasque in figures

Innobasque in figures