Healthcare can be a source of competitiveness and wellbeing in Euskadi, helping to attain the following goals:

Living longer, living better

 Creating economic value at the local level

Contributing to build a sustainable health system

Efi-health pomotes and extended health system in which individuals and their environments are decisive in health issues.



Crowdfunding for innovation projects aimed at improving the health and the living standards of Basque people.



A social-economic movement promoting healthy lifestyles in three main areas: eating, physical exercise and emotional health.

Our habits are a determining factor in our health, often bearing greater influene than the health system or the genetic inheritance. Gosasun promotes healthier environments (at work, at school and in the community) through participation in the movement’s activities, enriched with the experiences of all members.

innobasque GOSASUN

Health food in vending machines

1. Promoting the availability of at least 50% health foods in vending machines, in accordance with the nutrition criteria set forth in the NAOS Strategy.

2. Encouraging the eating of health snacks between meals.



organisations involved


guidebooks published


Awareness-raising campaigns

Promoting simple behaviours against sedentary lifestyles at work.


37-innobasque-efi-sauld-e-HEALTH BILBAO

Conference on e-health organised by Ideable Solutions, Innobasque and the City of Bilbao, encouraging the use of ICT among health professionals.

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    Blanca Usoz

    Occupational Medicine specialist at BBVA

    ‘Good ideas can come up anywhere, but that’s not enough. With Gosasun they get shared and supported, and thus they can fulfil theirobjectives.’

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    Edurne Jiménez

    Health Programme Manager at Athlon S. Coop.

    ‘Cooperation between diferent kinds of organisations is crucial to the promotion of healthy lifestyles.’

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    Concha Castells

    Bizkaia Deputy Director of Public Health and Substance Abuse, Basque Ministry of Health

    ‘The decisions we make about our health go beyond the individual sphere. They afect and are afected by how society responds to an ever-changing environment.’

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    Bittor Rodríguez

    Dietician; professor and researcher at UPV/EHU

    ‘Information about health promotion activities is very important. It reaches health professionals and other members of society, inspiring them and filling themwith enthusiasm.’