In-house team

nnobasque in house team
  • Average age: 40
    64%: 30-45
  • Fields of expertise: Engineering, Economics, Business, Journalism,
    Telecommunications, Biology, etc.


We work collaboratively with the Innobasque network:

  • Promoting environments to face Euskadi’s major challenges.
  • Encouraging cooperation, networking and connections between people and organisations.
  • Mobilising innovative resources and capabilities, and catalysing projects with social or economic impact.
nnobasque the way we work


innobasque our style

11 competencies

Commitment, confidence and coherence

innobasque in house team Commitment, confidence and coherence

Teamwork is key to facing our challenges and achieving our goals. In our day-to-day work, we draw inspiration from ‘Little things that make us a big team’ – our ten commandments.

15 decálogo trabajo en equipo

Innovative internal management: PERTSONEN GARRANTZIA


A multidisciplinary team set up to develop projects leading to a culture of innovation based on internal cooperation and participation, as well as to identify concerns and collect suggestions.

5 initiatives in 2015:

 1. Healthy Eating: ‘You are what you eat’”
Promoting healthy foods.

2. Lan Flex
Promoting flexible working and telework.

3. Innobasque Talks
Sharing health experiences in expert talks.

4. PIN
Volunteering to carry out innovative personal projects with a social or economic impact.

5. Travel Innovers & Study Trippers
Encouraging exchanges and internships in other organisations.