Let’s keep innovating together

Knowledge and innovation are two of the cornerstones of our Sustainable Human Development Strategy. Placing Euskadi at the forefront of European innovation is a challenge we have to face together. It takes the commitment of the public administration and the active involvement of society, as shown by the projects included in this report.

We have embarked on a journey. We need to keep working and innovating together to get home to port, ensuring the wellbeing of our people now and in the future.

By choosing to invest in science, technology and innovation, we can enhance business productivity and competitiveness, create quality jobs and strengthen social cohesion. In order to accomplish this, public and private organisations should work hand in hand, sharing the field for action.

  • We have the same strategies. We have designed and approved our Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2020, whose purpose is to increase wellbeing, sustainable economic growth and employment. We share a research and innovation policy based on smart specialisation and improved efficiency in the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation System.
  • We have the same priorities. We focus on three strategic sectors with major social and economic benefits: energy, advanced manufacturing and bioscience/healthcare. Besides, we keep our eyes open for emerging opportunities in the food industry, urban habitat, ecosystems, and the cultural and creative industries. We have a progress and growth project for our country.

Knowledge and innovation are two of the cornerstones of our Sustainable Human Development Strategy.

Iñigo Urkullu, Lehendakari and Honorary President Innobasque
  • We make the same investment efforts. We have allocated a GDP share similar to that of high innovation areas in Europe to R&D+I, showing that we are determined not to cut back on public-private investment in innovation, even if the social or the economic situation is complicated. We need to join efforts if we are to carry out innovation projects that speed up economic development.
  • We have the same views about talented, committed people and their role in the transformation processes we need to turn Euskadi into a global reference in innovation.

This report is a way of saying ‘Thank you’ to all those people making invaluable contributions to make innovation our country’s guide on its way to sustainable, smart and inclusive growth. It is also an invitation to keep innovating together.