Models for transformation


New socio-economic models for specific themedprojects: circular economy and collaborative economy.


A model for decoupled development in the use of resources.

  1. How to approach circular economy in Euskadi.
  2. How to identify opportunities.
    Post-consumer textile project.

Driving team: Iberdrola, Ormazabal, MBN Comunicación, Koopera, Lantegi Batuak, Kaiku, Mondragon Corporation, Azaro Fundazioa and Innobasque.

Innobasque Models for transformation circular economy

ICOT 2015, International Congress on Thinking.

The largest global event on thinking, organised by COAS and Tuinnovas. Innobasque was one of the organisers of the section about impact on business, as viewed in connection with talent, networks, circular economy and new models of leadership