The better future we long for

This report is an account of the ways in which we can innovate together, in cooperation, in environments where we can trust each other. This narrative brings to a close the second term and gives origin to the third term of the Basque Innovation Agency, established in 2007 with the aim of being the project of a generation, in the belief that, even when we were going through seemingly unlimited economic expansion, we could not take the future for granted. We wanted to place Euskadi in the vanguard of European innovation – in every sense of the word. The initial vision has not changed; moreover, it has become our driving force. We want to be a global reference. We want Euskadi and ourselves to be more innovative.

In the past two years, we have got closer to achieving this goal with the help of our 1000 partners and the members of the Innobasque network. We have worked with them in the numerous impact projects described in this report, carried out through public-private alliances and collaboration between companies, learning centres, government agencies and members of society. Together, we have transformed hurdles into opportunities while following global trends. Together, we are building our future.

“We want to continue to improve the quality of life of Basque society, now and in the future.”

TXEMA VILLATE, Innobasque General Manager
TXEMA VILLATE, General Manager

Meanwhile, Innobasque has earned its place as the technical office of the Basque Commissioner for Science, Technology and Innovation, which means we are now involved in the design of the policies governing Euskadi’s innovation strategy. What is more, we have accomplished this without breaking away from our associative nature, disseminating a culture of innovation whereby connections are made and innovative ideas bear fruit in volatile, ever-changing global environments.

The results obtained encourage us to keep working to bring about the better future we long for. We want to continue to improve the quality of life of Basque society, now and in the future. Our best tool to make this happen is Innobasque.